October 20, 1980 XV







The SCA Chirurgeons Guild. Reblazon. Argent, a goutte within a cross hummetty voided gules.



Godfrey Fosse. Azure, an aardvark statant erect affronteé and in chief a comet Or.



Aleyn James Douglas. Per fess potenty argent and gules, in pale an otter counter-statant erect proper and a lion salient Or.

Anlieplic Dún, Shire of. Per pale sable and argent, a laurel wreath between two Dún dragons combattant counterchanged.

Note: A Dún dragon is a made up charge, looking rather like a dinosaur with two horns.

Bernice of Brittany. Badge for Les Chamaileons. Per pale Or and sable, a chameleon counterchanged perched upon the blade of a rapier bendwise argent. (Chamaela chamaeleon)

Bernice of Brittany. Blazon change. Vert, a base of flames proper, overall a tiger salamander tergiant palewise Or (Ambystema tigrinus), and a chief indented argent.

Caitilin ni Lochlainn. Per pale vert and argent, a horse and a wyvern combattant, wings disclosed, between in pale a trefoil and a dagger fesswise, all counterchanged.

Elinor Aurora of Rosewood. Per saltire ermine and azure, a rose Or, barbed and seeded proper, within a bordure counterchanged.

Gayan the Nomad. Tierced per fess azure, Or and argent, in chief a scimitar fesswise reversed, edge to base, Or.

Gwenhwyfar Morgan Cornubia. Per pale argent and vert, in annulo to dexter three crosses patty gules and to sinister three trefoils slipped argent.

Hillary Stormrider. Badge for House Stormhaven. Issuant from the base of a cloud sable a lightning flash palewise Or.

Leonore Aid-an. Azure, issuant from an iron cooking pot a yellow garden rose, slipped and leaved, all proper.

Mondragon of Dragon's Keep. Badge. Quarterly purpure and argent, a fillet cross and in dexter chief a heart, all within a bordurelet counterchanged.

Note: The cross is within the bordurelet and so it merges into it. Had the bordurelet been on the cross intersection points would have been counter-counterchanged, brought back to the field.

Nina van der Zilver. Badge. Quarterly purpure and argent, a fillet cross and in dexter base a heart, all within a bordurelet counterchanged.

Note: She is Mondragon's lady.

Rahlina del Norte. Per fess wavy gules and azure, issuant from a barrulet wavy a chevronel dancetty Or, and base a crescent between the horns of another argent.

Ronald von Schlesserhausen. Sable, a gemsbek counterstatant guardant proper, pied sable, in chief a crescent argent (Oryx gazella).

Theodric ap Breken Beaken. Badge for Juan Carlos del Ose - change of spelling. Gules, on a cross concave between four mullets argent a brown bear's head couped at the shoulders proper. (Ursus arctos)

Veronica of the Dragons. Per pale purpure and Or, a cross botonny counterchanged.

Note: 5 brownie points. This is classic heraldry at its best.

William the Cursed. Per pale sable and argent, a death's head jessant-de-lis counterchanged.



Alacya Daveraugh. Badge for Chateau du Jadis. Sable, in saltire four fleur-de-lis conjoined at the points gules, fimbriated argent.

Fox of the Mellow Marsh. Azure, a bend sinister Or, overall in pale a fox's head caboshed and a crescent argent.

Gordon the Red of Darach. Azure, a chevron Or, overall a lion rampant gules fimbriated Or.

Note: In the case where one has a mundane arms which is not the arms of a royal house which consists of a simple field plus a simple ordinary, the addition of a major overall charge such as this is sufficient difference. The overall charge must be drawn large enough to make it the primary visual charge. The relegation of the ordinary to secondary status will constitute the extra half point needed. These simple combinations of field plus ordinary are usually held by many mundane families and this multiplicity allows us to be a little more lenient.

Roland of Lancaster. Argent, semé of roses gules, barbed and seeded proper, a demi-lion rampant queue-forchée Or, fimbriated sable.



Ayn Percival. Vert, a stork counter-statant close, the dexter leg elevated, and in chief three annulets interlaced in fess, the center enlarged, argent.

The Principality of Drachenwald is the new name for the Protectorate of Thairis.

The arms are the same.

Hilary of Ker. (Change of spelling and blazon) Argent, a popinjay (Ara araravana) rising proper, and on a chief wavy gules a unicorn counter-dormant Or.

Note: A bird rising by default has its wings inverted.

Tear-Sea's Shore, Canton of. Azure, a dexter flaunch Or and a sinister flaunch argent, overall a laurel wreath proper and in chief an ocean wave argent.



Bryn Madoc, Barony of. Purpure, a lymphad with pennons flying Or, sails unfurled and oars in action argent, within a laurel wreath Or.



Caer Anterth, Barony of. Azure, issuant from a hill proper a tower between in cross three mullets argent and a laurel wreath Or.

Note: A hill is a triple mount. A hill proper is grass covered, and therefore green. The normal prohibition against green proper charges upon blue, and visa versa still stands. As a reward for their excellent documentation on mounts proper I am granting a specific exception to the rule to Caer Anterth.

Catriona Fionnaghal nic Elphinstone. Addition of surname.

Cigfran Myddrael Jeserlin, the Raven. Badge for House Ravenswood. Gules, a pale Or, overall a raven disclosed proper.

Note: I need a good drawing of this.

Eric Earth-Friend. Azure, on a fess invected in base Or, between in chief a sun in splendour Or between two clouds and in base a dolphin naiant argent, two oak trees couped proper.

Note: This is a good lesson in the order of blazoning.

Torin of Arcania. Gyronny, argent and sable, in chief a torteaux.

Note: Whenever you have a fur or a divided field with two or more tinctures, divide the name of the fur or division from the tinctures by a comma, and then follow the tinctures by a second comma.



Aelfwynn Gyroesdohter. Badge. A heraldic sea-otter couchant.

Aelfwynn Gyroesdohter. Badge. A mullet of nine points voided and interlaced within and conjoined to an annulet azure.

Aelfwynn Gyroesdohter. Badge. Argent, a mullet of nine points pierced azure.

Aislinn des Cheviets. Purpure, a crescent between two arrows in pile crossed at the points and on a chief argent a threaded needle reversed sable.

Alfred von Probstei. Azure, a ram's head affrontée couped at the shoulders and in sinister chief a compass star Or.

Amber of Oakden. Vert, a bend sinister Or, in bend three acorns bendwise sinister counterchanged.

Brighid Ni Reáne. Quarterly pean and Or, on a torteaux a seal counterembowed in annulo widdershins, head in base facing sinister proper (Callerhinus ursinus), all within a bordure sable.

Chimene des Cinq Tours. Sable, a tower between in demi-annulo five estoilles, all within an annulet argent.

Connor McAuliffe FitzJames. Sable, within a sun eclipsed throughout argent, eclipsed azure, a goshawk displayed argent.

Cyrie Evaine Doloraine. Per bend sinister argent and gules, a demi-pegasus volant issuant from the line of division sable, a mullet of eight points and an arrow inverted surmounted by a decrescent argent.

Edward the Stuffy. Vert, a demi-key palewise, wards to sinister, and on a chief argent three acorns bendwise proper.

Flint of the Westward Sea. Per pale azure and Or, a carrack in full sail counterchanged within sixteen arrows in orle, points to center, counterchanged argent and vert.

Note: You can specify tinctures for counterchanging other than the tinctures of the field and its ordinaries. In this case the arrows on the azure half of the field are argent and those on the Or half are vert. The default case is to use the colors of the field and ordinaries, as is the case with the carrack. In this case the tinctures are not specified. This is a new SCA convention. It should prove useful.

Gwendylon of the Thistle. Purpure, on a plate five thistles slipped and leaved conjoined in mullet proper.

John of Candia. Azure, a winged haloed lion sejant guardant or and on a chief argent a heart inverted between two hearts gules.

Karl Bakken. Gules, a pithon targent bendwise, the tail wreathed, wings erect and addorsed, argent.

Katrina the Carefree. Vert, on a bend sinister Or a rose gules, barbed and seeded proper, slipped and leaved vert, overall a unicorn salient argent.

Note: Salient means leaping bendwise up, forlegs together. Forcené means rearing up bendwise, forelegs separate, as if to strike furiously. Rampant means to have the body palewise with the limbs in the classic rampant position, and the mouth open. In the latter two cases the horse is drawn in a fierce aspect as in combat, while in the former it is drawn in a calm aspect, as if jumping playfully.

Keridwen o'r Mynydd Gwyndd. Per chevron argent and vert, in base a gyrfalcon counter-close, its sinister talon resting on a rat couchant affrontée argent.

Liala Alarán de las Campañas. Per fess sable and azure, in chief a scorpion passant and in base three hawk's bells Or.

Note: The default bell is a church bell. If you want some other kind of bell you must so specify.

Macsen Fidelis. Per bend argent and vert, a black swan's head erased at the neck proper (Cygnas stratus) and a Fidelis knot argent.

Note: Appeal granted. A Fidelis knot is a square knot opened into a heart shape.

Morgan y Brith. Sable, a pithon counter-volant fesswise guardant inverted argent between in pale a crescent and a sun Or.

Morrigan Fitz-Rolf. Azure, a polar bear counter-passant proper and in chief an arc of seven mullets argent. (Thalarctes meritimus)

Morrigan Fitz-Rolf. Badge. Two polar bears combattant proper, gorged of belled collars Or. (Thalarctes meritimus)

Patrice di Couer Fidel. Argent, upon a heart gules another Or, within a bordure engrailed azure.

Thomas of Hassard. Tierced per bend sinister argent, azure and sable, a comet fesswise reversed Or.

Wilhelm of Greyland. Per chevron sable and gules, a chevron between in chief two lions rampant addorsed and in base an eagle displayed argent.

Wilhelm von Schwarzwald. Change of field. Sable, three hearts argent enflamed proper.

Women of Windymeade. Badge. Per pale vert and azure, a mullet of twelve points Or bearing in chief the letters W.O.W. azure and in base the letters C.C. vert.

Note: The C.C. stands for Constables Companions.





Donella Chameleon. Sable, a saltire parted and fretty argent interlaced with an annulet Or.

This conflicts with Balin the Fairhaired: Sable, a square anvil within an annulet Or and with Tasui Takeda: Sable, a bear's head couped affrontée within an annulet Or.



Astrial of Small Nest. Azure, a chess rook ermine, surmounted by a quill pen palewise argent.

You cannot place argent upon ermine, as there is insufficient contrast. Similarly you could not place Or on erminois, nor sable on counter-ermine or pean. For the same reason you cannot place a red proper charge upon gules or purpure, nor a blue proper charge upon azure or vert, and visa versa. Try a quill Or.

Elinore Windomere of the Mists. Per fess wavy crested argent and azure, a lymphad proper, sailed Or and pennanted vert and a sea-lion erect proper.

Wavy crested is out of period and therefore not allowed.

Herted of Small Nest. Vert, a chess rook ermine surmounted by a sword inverted proper.

Again you cannot place argent upon ermine. While the Or of the hilt shows up somewhat the argent of the blade shows not at all against the ermine. Try making the whole sword Or.

Sienna of Glen Laurie. Argent, a carnation gules, slipped and leaved vert, surmounted by a recorder palewise proper.

Sienna is the name of a town and the color of the dirt nearby. It is not a given name. The default color for wood proper is brown. If you want redwood, spruce, pine or ebony you must so specify. Do not use debruised for placing one object upon another, as debruised is used in describing serpents. If a charge rests wholly on another it is charged upon the other. If it extends onto the field then the charge is surmounted by the upper charge.

Thomas of Whitelow.

I do not have the forms for his resubmission with a chief.



Briton Sceptdragon. Sable, a dragon sejant erect affrontée, head to sinister, wings displayed, tail elongated wavy to base, Or maintaining in the lower claws a slain unicorn reversed argent armed and crined Or.

Appeal denied. If you change the unicorn to a cluster of oak leaves the device will be ok, so long as it is not a wreath. You will have the use of Briton in our period. Given names made from nationality names were frowned on in period. A few did get used, such as Frank or Norman, but these are exceptions to the rule. If you can prove that Briton was used you can use it as another exception to the rule. Clans and septs were always named after the given name of the founder. (MacGregor after Gregor, MacDonald after Donald, etc.) The word clan or sept was not part of the name, but rather a patronymic such as Mac or Fitz. There could not have been a founder with the given name of Dragon. Therefore Sceptdragon is completely wrong as a sept name and cannot be used.

Cigfran Myddrael Joserlin, the Raven. Badge for Mithralius the Guardian. Sable, within a sun eclipsed a lion's head caboshed Or.

This conflicts with Kenrest Bernard of the East Woods: Sable, a sun eclipsed Or. You need another half point.



Cyrie Evaine Deleraine. Badge. Gules, an arrow inverted surmounted by a decrescent argent.

This conflicts with the arms of Conrad von Regensburg: Gules, a decrescent and chief wavy argent. Taking off one charge and adding another counts as one full point. You need another half. Add a bordure argent. You could also write to Master Conrad and ask his permission to register your badge.

Sagan von Osten-See. Azure, two endorses Or between in bend an escallop argent, a sea-lion erect Or and a gauntlet argent, charged on the cuff with a mullet gules, all palewise.

Sagan is a surname and a place name but not a given name. The device is ok.


Wilhelm von Schlüssel, OL, OP, OLM, QOG

Laurel King of Arms