Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tiny trips

I've been looking online at big trips- Orenburg! Volgograd! Albania!- but the only kind we've taken lately have been the tiny kind.

(Admittedly, this ties in well with my newest hobby- spying on the names of people's wifi networks from the train. The winners so far: tellmywifiloveher and cacheruleseverythingaroundme.)

Here's what the last few weekends have looked like...

#1. St John's (Portland)

Marie and I had a great pelmeni date for Valentine's Day. Her huge orange cat lazed around the kitchen table, eavesdropping until a neighbor cat came by for a visit.

#2. Gresham, Oregon

One "spring" afternoon D and I decided to get on the blue MAX (light rail) in Portland and ride to the end of the line.

Gresham sounded more exotic than it actually was. The train drove past shopping center after shopping center. We walked through the downtown area in the rain and found a little cafe to take shelter in.
And that's it.

Maybe this place would be more exciting via car?

 #3. Southeast Portland

Another day we went out to Reed College to tour the research reactor there. That's right- a liberal arts college with its own nuclear reactor ;) A freshman guide showed us the control room and the reactor while throwing out lots of big science.

#4. Hood River, Oregon

In early March my parents and I went to this city for my brother's birthday. Such a pretty city but so small! (Although this does mean there's a great person-to-brewery ratio.)

#5. Seattle, Washington

That same weekend D went north to visit his family.

#6. Downtown Portland

Last weekend we (and our umbrellas) stayed closer to home and spent the day in the city center.

We met a friend for some Russian practice at Behind the Museum Cafe-

-and then got a call (surprise!) from D's mom and sister, so we all met up in Pioneer Square next to the daffodils. Russian practice, round 2 :p

What kind of trips are you taking these days? 

The local kind or the epic kind? 


Here's a little inspiration if you're feeling stuck! Local / Epic

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