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Listen how Game of Thrones characters names sound in Russian

Hello everyone! I wouldn’t say I’m a great TV buff, but I do like watching some nice series. It took me a while before I decided to try Game of Thrones. ‘A while’ means the whole 4 years, dammit! So, the good thing was that when I started watching it, there were already four cool seasons for me to enjoy. And what we are going to do today is to listen how Game of Throne heroes’ names sound in Russian.

Let’s listen how Game of Thrones characters names sound in Russian

Remember, what Thai people like to say? Same-same but different!

game of thrones russian edition

Game of Thrones characters names in Russian: same same but different! 😉

And let’s begin with the House Stark.
Эддард Старк
Кейтлин Старк
Санса Старк
Арья Старк
Роб Старк
Бран Старк
Рикон Старк
Джон Сноу
Лианна Старк

The House Lannister follows the list:
Тайвин Ланнистер
Серсея Ланнистер
Джейме Ланнистер
Тирион Ланнистер
Джоффри Ланнистер
Мирцела Ланнистер
Томмен Ланнистер
Well, officially the last three are not Lannisters, but we are not on the official terms here.

Here goes the House Baratheon:
Станнис Баратеон
Ширен Баратеон
Селисса Баратеон
Роберт Баратеон
Ренли Баратеон

My favorite House Tyrell’s turn:
Маргари Тирелл
Лорас Тирелл
Олейна Тирелл
Мейс Тирелл

The House Targarien first of his name:
Дейнерис Таргариен
Визерис Таргариен
Рейгар Таргариен
Эйгон Таргариен
Эйемон Таргариен

Dorn guys (forgive my familiarity):
Оберин Мартелл
Доран Мартелл

Other people:
Бриенна Тарт
Подрик Пейн
Пёс (The Hound)
Петир Бейлиш
Мейстер Пицель
Русе Болтон
Рамси Болтон
Кхал Дрого
Джорах Мормонт
Даарио Нахарис
Якен Хгар
Алисер Торне
Ходор (don’t mess it with Ходорковский)
Теон Грейджой.

I’m sure there are thousands of other people, whose names for some reason haven’t popped up in my head while I was listing it, and I am sorry for that. I will not update and re-record my audio, because there is no way I’ll put someone else after Theon Greyjoy. He is the very last in my list.

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